Rebekah’s 7! {& Her Fairy Tea Party}

The Birthday

Rebekah turned 7 yesterday.  You know my life is busy when I don’t take the time to blog a poignant post for one of my kids.

Rebekah, you are precious.  You are the sweetest, most tender girl I know.  You are very thoughtful and generous.  You always look out for others, even when it costs you.  You love the Lord and are eager to know Him more.  You are eager to please Him and are sensitive to the Word.  I love you, dear heart.  You have blessed us for 7 years, and we are so grateful for you.

The birthday: July 12

Fairy Tea Party

As for the party, I did it today.  We just returned from 3 wonderful weeks with my family in TX, so I am pretty happy with how things turned out.  Since Rebekah loves fairies and tea parties, I did both.  9 girls came {!!}, so I decorated the table with fairy wings as party favors and fairy paper dolls.

The girls enjoyed working on the craft.  I was so proud of Rebekah- a little girl was all by herself, and Rebekah decided to sit with her, giving up her seat at the head.  Such character for a 7 year old.

After the craft, I had the girls go to the basement to play while I laid out the tea party.  Not wanting 2 girls left out again, I squeezed 10 all at the table, and I pulled out our wedding china.  I also told the girls about proper tea etiquette , which they greatly enjoyed since I did some of it in a British accent.  {Josh took Luke and Lizzie on a Daddy date, btw.}

Happy Birthday, Rebekah!  We love you!  Oh- I don’t want you to miss little honey in her fairy wings.


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    What a fun party! Looks like all the girls had a wonderful time. Great planning and execution on your part just a few days after returning from Texas! Rebekah is a joy and blessing! It is hard to believe she is seven years old, seems like she was just Lizzie’s age a few months ago. So thankful for her kind attitude in making sure all were a part of the group at the party. Love the photo of Lizzie, such a ham! Happy birthday, sweet granddaughter!

  2. Mamama says:

    What a precious grandchild wonderful party!! I’ve heard of several instances in the last month of Rebekah thinking of others over herself, and I am so proud of her. The tea party looks like it was so much fun, and you did such a wonderful job Emily – I am also very proud of you and love you so much! My left has been so wonderfully blessed the last 7 years with the privilege of being a grandmother – thank you Lord for this precious girl!

  3. Carrie says:

    Seriously Emily you rock at this birthday thing. Not letting my kids see this. I am humbled and ashamed. :) Your kids are so blessed in the ways you honor and celebrate them. As you describe your Rebekah, you can see those qualities in her sweet face. Ok, and love her little fairy princess sister as well. Gosh I wish I knew her.

  4. Miss Mommy says:

    You are too kind, Carrie. :) I am hoping I can keep doing them at home vs renting out places for a million $$. Anyway, I wishj you knew them all, as i wish I could be a fly on the wall in your kitchen more often than you know. ;)