Rebekah & Abel’s Rock & Rainbow Party

Rebekah figured out a WHILE ago that she would not be in Scotland to celebrate her 6th birthday with her best friends, Abel and Joshua.  Thus we hatched a plan to have an early party and then Abel’s mom had the brilliant idea to do a double early party to include both Rebekah and Abel {who shares my birthday!}.  Randomly, Rebekah wanted a rock-painting party and a rainbow cake.  Sure.  Why not?

The Cake

I’m not gonna lie- I’m VERY proud of myself.  No one will be pinning this beauty, but it did what it needed to do: pop with colour!

My helpers as I baked…I seriously had a hard time not picking up this baby.

I should have made the green greener and it would have popped instead of looking yellow once baked.

The Festivities


  1. Nana Phyllis says:

    Looks like a fun party! I think your cake looked great, I’m sure Rebekah loved it. Fun memories of her friends in Scotland. I imagine you did have a hard time not picking up that sweet smiling Lizzie!! Looks like Rebekah and Luke were busy helpers.

  2. Aunt Bec says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Love the rock painting and the rainbow cake. Fun. I think I like your little smiley helper the best.

  3. Mamama says:

    You’ve done it again – what a great cake, and you should be proud of yourself!! It’s such a delight to be your Mom and watch you excel in being a mother!! Love you so much -

  4. says:

    Cool Pictures! Love Lizzie! You actually resisted picking Lizzie up!????? You are strong! Others would have been weakened at the knees with her gorgeous smile. So Happy and contented. Going to miss you all here in Aberdeen.

  5. WOW, Em!! Great job on the cake! I love the rock painting part too!! Such a fun thing for them to keep and always remember that birthday also! Blessings and love to you all!