Lizzie’s Bed Head

Lizzie wakes up ready to go…well, she actually wants you to watch her roll around in her crib for a while and then tickle her, and then immediately get her milk and feed her breakfast.  Once all that is done, she is quite a morning person.  When her hair matches her spunky personality, it seems worth posting. { when she was a little bit older}

I think you can tell a lot about this girl from these pictures.  They sum her up nicely.  Josh and I are constantly laughing with her, and I figure I need to start setting more boundaries for her as she seems to know I have a wicked soft spot for her.  For example, as I just emailed our parents: Lizzie had Luke’s night light, which she KNOWS she’s not supposed to have, but thought she was out of my eye sight while she played with it.  When she saw that I was staring her down, she never broke eye contact and threw both pieces over her shoulder in one swift movement and just stared at me, like “Yea?”.  Incredible.  That also sums her up…completely.

As for stats and stuff, she is 15 1/2 months and is in the 30th% for height and 12th% for weight.  So, she’s still pretty tiny, but seems so much bigger to us since she’s walking all the time now!  She is also “talking” more and certainly understand a lot of what we say.  She is particularly fond of shaking her head vehemently and saying, “nuh-uh.”  As for daily stuff, she sleeps 11-13 hours at night, usually naps once in the afternoon, though sometimes still needs a short morning nap, too.  She still loves her paci that she calls “ba ba.” That one will be hard to break.  She is also cutting 4 molars right now, which is why she is even more taken with her baba.  I’d rather a paci-sucking baby than a crying one any day, so I’ll deal with getting rid of it later.


  1. Hillary says:

    Yep, baby bed head is about as cute as it gets! We were marveling over Hutton’s this morning! What a little firecracker she is. Wonder where that came from!!!!! HA! Hope all of you are doing well. I love you.

  2. Nana Phyllis says:

    She is certainly adorable and I’m sure it is hard to get upset with that smiling face! She’ll keep you on your toes. Be glad when those molars are in and her mouth doesn’t hurt so much.

  3. She is sooo cute! What a sweet sweet smile! On a side note, David just had his 7 year check up and he is 20% for weight and 25% for height. Not so sure who he takes after in our family :) Love you friend!

  4. Kathryn Babb says:

    Her face and smile are contagious!