Giving Up The Paci

No More Paci!

For you Brits…

pa-ci-fi-er: US and Canadian a baby’s dummy or teething ring

Unlike Rebekah who was a thumb-sucker, sweet Luke loved his paci from day 1.  And, I do mean love.  The day he found it on his own at night was a day for serious rejoicing in our household.  Anyway, somewhere around 9 months, we were able to keep it in his bed only for sleeping times.  I told myself that I would take it away by 3.  Over Christmas this year, I had the startling realization that that day was frighteningly close {April}.  I also needed to potty train him and get him out of his crib.  Because of bottom woes and the fact that he sleeps in a loft with crazy dangerous stairs, I was unable to do the other 2 tasks…which meant taking away the paci was at hand.  I was actually really sad to do it because Luke loves it so much and only uses it at night and it keep shim very happy and quiet.  However, I knew 3 was the time dentists recommend bidding it farewell.

So, we talked about it for a week in preparation- I decided to wait until after our weekend away {where we would all 4 share a room was over} had come and gone- definitely a good decision, if I say so myself.  I also emailed a few trusted friends and relatives to get their advice.  I also told Luke we would have a No-More-Paci-Party for him when we threw away his paci.  So, the day came- Luke was all for throwing it in the trash and getting the special big boy treat…until he realized he wasn’t allowed to fish it back out.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth- he honestly didn’t seem to know what to do with his mouth during story time and put down time.  I prepared myself for a lot of crying and a skipped nap.  I got 10 minutes of crying, 45 minutes of talking and singing and announcing “I no have my paci” and then he fell asleep.  The same thing happened that night.  Every day after, for a week, he asked for it, but was fine.

I was feeling pretty proud until I realized how short his naps were becoming!  My previous 2-3 hour napper was now surviving on one hour naps.  Now, you may be thinking that he was never sleeping that much, he just had the paci in, but I knwo for a fact from snoring and having to awaken him that he was in fact sleeping.  So, we are just now {2 1/2 weeks later} seeing slightly improved naps and slightly later mornings again.  I also know he’s turning 3 and that naps were bound to shorten eventually.  But I do miss my long afternoons…however, I am very proud of my big boy and {mostly} love his early morning shout-outs and songs.

{please forgive the poor picture quality- my boy was on the move and tough to photograph- plus, there was much confusion and weeping and wailing…}

Squeezing in ooooone last suck....

Are you sure?

Popping 'em in the trash can

See? I did it?

Yea for me! {Can I have them back now?!}

I did it! I slept without it!

I really slept without a paci!

I'm still not sure what to do with my tongue now...usually it's occupied....

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  1. carley stevenson says:

    Yay, Luke! I dread the day that I ween Cody from the paci! We do have it to where they stay in his crib but he for sure finds them at night and goes back to sleep. He gets excited if he is playing during the day and reaches in his crib through the slats and pulls it out. He’s so proud of himself. Ugh! Dreading taking away his “love”! But, I know it can be done….I hear its really harder on the mom than the child. Way to persevere!

  2. Nana Phyllis says:

    YEAH LUKE – YEAH MOM for sticking to it. Love the pictures. So glad he is doing so well. You’ve tackled one of the three. I’m praying for quick easy potty training.

  3. So sweet. What a happy face. I love the “I do not have a paci.”

  4. Mamama says:

    I’m glad the trauma is past, and he’s doing so well – hard things to do for both of you! Can’t believe he’s so close to 3!! I’m home now after a good yet long week in California at Keller Williams Family Reunion – love the company even more after the time spent there!!

  5. Sarah says:

    Way to go Mama! I think taking away bottles/pacis is as hard on the parents as it is the kiddos. When we nixed J’s bottle, it was pure misery – for all of us. Glad things have gone well so far and fingers crossed for longer naps again.

  6. Dana says:

    Wow! What an encouraging story… Jackson is the same way–pacis have been his true love from the beginning… Josh and I decided we would fight the battle later than sooner. He only sleeps with them now, so we’ll let him have his peace for a little longer. But, I think I might bookmark this specific post to give me strength down the road.. :)

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