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Melanie and Aaron Get Married!

This summer I’ve had the wonderful privilege of working with Jessica of Jessica Rai Photography. She is a fabulous photographer who has taught me so much, especially about wedding photography. During Melanie and Aaron’s wedding on July 30th I had a chance to practice some wedding photography myself for part of the day. Check out Jessica’s amazing photos of the wedding here. Here are a few of my favorites from the ones I took.

The newly married couple!

The fun bubble exit. Thank goodness it had stopped pouring down rain!

First dance as husband and wife.

Love this next one! As a photographer it thrills my soul when an end product image looks like how I envisioned it looking when I took it.

rachel owens photography

What is there to say about this next image? It’s just too fun not to share!

A huge thanks to Jessica for being a blast to work with. And to Aaron and Melanie for letting me be a part of their special day too. All the best to you guys as you start your life together!


What a fabulous surprise awaited me when I got home from work today. It had already been a decent day and as I drove home I was thinking about how much I love living in the Nashville area. Which is saying a lot since I was sitting in the usual dreaded rush hour traffic on I-40. But then I got home and found this waiting for me….

And my day got a whole lot better! What is this, you say? It is Photographing Children (Second Edition) by Ginny Felch. The first (and hopefully not last) book to have a couple of my images in them!

I am beyond honored that my photos are found next to the likes of Ginny Felch (whom, through her first book and Facebook page, has been like a photography mentor), as well as fellow FB friend, Mary Schannen (go ahead, click the link….you’ll fall in love with her work too!), as well as countless other photographers I don’t “know.”

And one more of my cousin and his son taken in some castle-like place in Germany. Way back in the spring of 2009. When I was still a real newbie.

I just “saw the light,” something Ginny urges her readers to do, and snapped a few shots as my cousin and his son took an un-directed break from playing. It will forever be one of my favorites!

I feel this post would be amiss without a few thank you’s. It may sound cheesy, but no doubt very sincere – I thank God, for giving me talent and opportunity; to my dear husband, Mark, for encouraging me and allowing me to pursue photography; to Ginny, for always pushing me to be better, teaching me, and believing in my work; to Wiley Publishing, for going the extra mile to put out an even better 2nd edition; and to you, my readers and clients, for allowing me to be a part of your lives in a way few get to. It’s all an incredible reminder of why I fell in love with photography in the first place — the people and the moments.

Now go get your own copy off of Amazon — because if you want to be a better photographer, this book is the one to read!!

Summer Art

I found this adorable egg-shell blue vase for $1.00 at an over-priced antique store. This was probably the only thing that was under-priced in the large 3 story store. It was love at first sight. I knew as soon as I saw it that my Dad’s light pink dainty roses would be so pretty in it. One night I experimented and came up with this.

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Matt and Ashley Get Engaged!

One of the greatest events I’ve ever photographed happened on 4th of July weekend. Saturday the 2nd to be exact. Matt called me the Monday before explaining how he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Ashley at Nashville’s Riverfront at a spot that held significance in their relationship. He specifically wanted me to photograph the proposal, as well as just take some shots of the two of them. He was a man with a (wonderful) plan, how could I not want to be a part of that?! So we met at the appointed time and location. Ashley just thought we were having a normal photo shoot that they had won. She didn’t know she’d start off the hour as a girlfriend and end it as a fiance! It was really too hard to just pick a few photos to share, so I made a video. Matt and Ashley, thanks again for letting me be a part of this moment in your lives.

Fairytale Wedding – Mt. Juliet Photography

During June and July I’m assisting the great Jessica Rai! She specializes in wedding photography and is seriously wonderful at her job. I’m learning a ton from her and enjoy working a different angle (no pun intended) of photography from time to time. Last Friday during the wedding reception I had opportunity to take some photos. As I was getting out my camera, I saw the ever so adorable flower girl and ring bearer dancing together. They were closer to me, but then snuck away to be alone! I am in love with the warm glow of the scene and painterly quality. And of course with the children acting as adults! Take a moment to enjoy it for yourself….

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Happy 4th of July!

Having lived outside of the U.S. for nearly 3 years (and subsequently missing a couple of Independence Day’s) I have a greater appreciation for America. I am grateful for all of the freedoms we have and ever so thankful for all of the service men and women past and present who have defended our country at home and abroad. Happy 4th of July!