Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snapshots of Life

Friday, November 4, 2011

Six Flags/Switchfoot Concert

We were blessed to get to go to Six Flags and a Switchfoot concert in September. There is no way we could've gone if it weren't for the group rate we got by going with Nile and the Journey Youth Group. It was a super wet, super fun day! The heavy downpours kept us wet and cold, but also kept the crowds away. Many times, there was no line at all. I am fine with looking like a drowned rat if it means not waiting in line! Josie LOVED hanging out with the big girls, and they were so kind to include her. Fun times.

Getting ready to have some fun...before the rain:)

Some of the group

These crazies loved the heavy downpour, though they were cold the rest of the day. Natural consequence for not taking your mother's advice, right? Always looking for times to let them make their own decisions:)

Very excited about Switchfoot!

Wet, cold, and exhausted at the end of the day. But what a great day!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Forest Park

This semester we have had to be more intentional about our family time. We have been bummed that the boys are happy as ever just playing with their friends on campus, while we are really wanting to have some time with them. It is a blessing living on campus and there are many, many pros to it...but with 80 some kids on campus, there is never a shortage of kids to start up a game that could last a while, and we have had to pull the boys (sometimes grudgingly on their part) away lately. We literally have kids knocking on our door up to twenty times a day! Nile actually typed up a message to put on our door that says, "We are having family time, so we can't play. See you tomorrow!" , haha. All that to say, we have started getting away from campus more, finding fun things to do together. I think we are making progress and learning how to better protect our family time, yet let the boys have some time with their friends, as well.  St. Louis is never lacking in fun things to do/explore and we have had a blast together. On this day, we went to Forest Park and rented a paddle boat. The boys really wanted to do all the paddling, which was perfect for their length of legs:) It hurt Nile's and my knees, so we were happy to oblige.

I love how she is looking at her daddy!

And then they enjoyed some Fitz's rootbeer:)

And I wish I would've noticed when I took this picture how Josie places her whole mouth around the rootbeer. I would not have taken a drink of hers:)

No, we didn't give him 2, he was just collecting the cool bottles:)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Talk

I have been meaning to document this, before I forget all the funny and sweet details! Nile and I had "the talk" with the kids:) Yes, the husband and wife becoming one flesh talk, just to clarify. Nile did a great job of researching which books we may want to use to introduce them to this, and it was also very helpful to read portions of Genesis 1-4 to them. We tried to really focus on what a gift to married people sex is, how God has blessed us with this awesome gift to share with our spouse. The kids' reactions were so different, and hilarious. More on that in a minute. Nile started by saying we were going to have our family worship time, so we all sat on the floor together and snuggled up, with snacks ready for the end of our worship time.

I don't know why, but I have been dreading this talk! I think I was fine with them hearing how everything works, so to speak, but super nervous about when they realized that Nile and I actually do this, haha. So Nile starts reading the Bible and then reads a NavPress book called 'The Story of Me' far so good, besides Josie giggling every time the correct names for private parts are used (which are the only words we have ever used for them, so not sure why it was so funny to her:)) Then he reads the next book in the series, called 'Before I Was Born' and I am just beside myself waiting (maybe dreading) for him to get to THE page, the one where it explains the details:) We got past the page, and no one said anything, so I thankfully exhaled. Then, all of a sudden, Gabe says, "Wait, seriously?!" I almost died laughing. And so the questions began:) Gabe had SO many questions, and I just sat there thanking God that all of this was brand new to him, he had no idea before our talk, and that we were the ones blessed to be able to answer all of his innocent and curious questions. What a special time. It was also hysterical, though, as he worked through things in his mind, making connections as he went. My favorite from him: "Wait, you and dad have done that 3 times?! Wait, you've done that 6 times?!" (He was figuring in the 3 miscarriages I've had) "Wait, you still do this?! Are you going to do it tonight?!" (And that's where we drew the only line as far as him asking us questions...we aren't going to announce when we do it, lol!)
After about a half hour (seriously) of Gabe asking questions, Seth said, "Can we stop talking about this stuff now? This stuff scares kids"...smiling while he said it. He kind of took it all in in his calm, low key style...course he couldn't really get a word in with all of Gabe's questions. We finished our discussion, telling them they could ask us questions anytime, that we'd never laugh at them, and that they never need to be embarrassed about asking us things. I would rather answer their questions than have them hear about it from kids at school! We also made sure to let them know they were not allowed to talk to other kids about it, because each family gets to make their own decision on when to talk about these things. Then we held hands and prayed for them, their purity, for this special gift for married people, etc. We needed to go to a church event, so we had to cut Gabe off and tell him he could ask more later. Nile has another book, the 3rd book in the series, for Gabe alone, which we will do sometime this year.

I was so thankful for how Nile led all of this, how God was glorified and esteemed through it all, and how successful he was at making this talk not something to be embarrassed about but instead, something to be thankful to God for. I am, however, very glad this talk (or at least the first of many talks on this) is over. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School (August 16th)

The boys weren't very excited for school to begin this year, UNTIL they saw the class lists posted a few days before the first day of school. They were both thrilled to find out they would be with some of their best friends again. Josie was super excited for her first day...I wasn't at all;) She wanted to ride the bus, so Nile and I met them at their school as they were getting off the bus. I have had a harder time this year with them being gone all day, even the boys. I am already looking forward to next summer and having them with me all the time! Gabe was so happy to find out that his teacher is a Christian. He loves that during certain times of the day, they listen to Christian music in the classroom. And he said he also doesn't love it, because it's really hard for him not to sing along:)

Walking to the bus stop (at the library on campus)

Love how Kevin snuck in here:)

Josie and all the boys, typical. A 13 year old, an 11 year old, two nearly ten year olds, and Josie.


The Covenant Seminary kids who attend Mason Ridge

Josie in her classroom!

Josie and her teacher, Mrs. Nienhaus