29 January 2011

Eden is hilarious.

Tonight, after dinner, Eden and Elly were drawing pictures on scratch paper at the table. Eden came up with a play restaurant menu that has had us in stitches. Here are some of the highlights of her animal-themed eatery:

"Squirrel-shaped burger"
"Failure fish sticks"
"B.L.Me! Bacon, lettusse, and my face on Beef!"
"Sweet Llamas Sweet Potatoes"
"Billy Goat Brisket"

She assured me they are all made from whole grain, organic ingredients. So we know we're eating healthy!

27 January 2011

Overheard at My House

Elly: Pretend you are the President of the United States, and I am a dog.
Eden: No, how about (mumble....)
Elly: But I want to be a dog of the United States!!!

18 January 2011

Things Around Here

January is not my favorite month :) Doing daycare makes it hard for us to get outside when the weather is bad. I can barely contain Esias, let alone another two year old! Needless to say, we are looking for ways to enjoy ourselves outside of the house. Today we went to the mall play area. Last week we hit the Rec Center's Tot Time. Little outings help the day feel better for all of us!

What else is going on...I decided I will not be doing daycare next semester. This past year watching the R kids has been great, but next year Kate will be in school and so will Elly and Esias (part time) so it would just leave me with Luke. I thought maybe this was a good of time as any to start discovering what I want to be when I grow up :) So, I am taking the leap of faith and thinking about some different options. I would like to leave myself enough time daily to workout, have dinner on the table, and help in E-man's school regularly.

In other news...Elly has TWO loose teeth. She is five, but for some reason I took this news hard! I got a little choked up! Just like when I was turning in Eden's kindergarten registration paperwork three years ago, I wanted to vomit. Such a visceral response to my kids growing up!

I think that is all for now!
Elly: Daddy...can you come downstairs with me?......and find my moveable arm Barbie.....and help me dress her? And pick out the clothes that are the most fab?


He's a good daddy!

12 January 2011


Elly just asked me, "Is E.T. really real? And Disney World?"


Today as we were getting ready, Eden, as always needed a little "motivation" to get her rear in gear. She is my slow-poke, the one who forgets what she needs to do every morning, even though we've done it every day for months on end for almost 3 years now.

Anyway, so I said to her, "You know Eden, if you got ready faster at the beginning of the morning, you'd have more time at the end of the morning, and Molly wouldn't have to wait for you so long."

Eden: "Yeah and then you wouldn't have to say, 'Hurry up, come on,' either."
Me: "Right. I don't like having to get after you either, it's like a broken record."
Eden: "Yeah, like you broke the record for moms telling their kids to hurry up."

11 January 2011

Post-Christmas Fun

Entire (Denny) Stanton side

Our Readoption Hearing January 6. Yay!

The three kiddos

Papa and Esias on Papa's birthday New Year's Eve

07 January 2011

Melkam Gena! Merry Christmas!

Today is Ethiopia's Christmas Day and is also Dan's birthday! So, Happy Birthday Dan and Melkam Gena to all our Ethiopian friends!

Yesterday, January 6, 2011, we finally re-adopted Esias in the State of Iowa and his name went from Yabetse Daniel Grimes (the name given to him by the Ethiopian courts) to Esias Tesfaye Grimes! You might remember, Tesfaye was his given middle name in Ethiopia, but after our court date (finally) passed over there, they name the child like this: First Name, Father's First Name, Father's Last Name. So now, and forever, he is ESIAS TESFAYE GRIMES! Esias=God is Salvation, Tesfaye=My Hope. Perfect.

The court proceedings were quick and painless. The judge was friendly and warm to us and eased any of my fears (I was nervous). The girls sat in with us and did great. Our friend Craig Nierman represented us and was excellent to work with. We celebrated by going to Village Inn for breakfast and then the Science Station afterwards (because Eden was missing school we thought we should do something halfway educational!).

Apparently my Christmas post disappeared into the Blogger Abyss. I posted it the day after Christmas and it has yet to appear. Not sure what happened but I will repost as soon as I can.

22 December 2010

Raising a Reader

We have a bookworm in the house. Eden is a major book lover. She was reading before kindergarten but just recently has become very independent in her pursuit of reading and wanting to read books beginning to end, in as little time as possible! I've found her in the car with a book, in her bed with books (well past bedtime), at the table reading while eating, reading when I go in to her room to wake her, etc. Currently, she is devouring Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar, a gift from her second grade teacher for Christmas. She's also into The Boxcar Children and Ramona and Beezus. We're very excited that she has this desire! Dan likes to read but has only come to it recently, and I used to love to read but don't much anymore. For me, finding time is hard, and my eyes don't enjoy it like they used to. Getting old is fun!

She is also obsessed lately with doing "office work" and thinks her favorite store is Office Max. We were able to get a really cute desk from Craigslist last night and put that in her room for an early Christmas present! She is diggin' it. It has little pigeon holes and compartments for all her goodies. She has been making these boxes she calles "profiles" - about anything and everything she can think of--animal profiles, sports profiles, family profiles. We all had to fill out her handcrafted paperwork.

For Christmas she asked for a typewriter and a Polaroid camera! I can't remember if I wrote that or not here, but we did get her an old typewriter, also on Craig's, and can't wait to give it to her. She is gonna be thrilled!
Eden just clued me in: "Mom, I want to tell you a top-secret thing that kids know. You know how kids have lots of energy? Well, we save it up for fun things. And we go really, really slow for not fun things like chores."
I just posted this on Facebook, but had to put it here as well! This kid never fails to amaze me!

21 December 2010

It's a Goocher.

Dan calls this a goocher:

Elly is exactly the same height that Eden was on 5/08/08.
Esias is exactly the same height that Elly was on 5/08/08. Weird!

15 December 2010

The Gospel, Redemption and a Toothbrush Holder.

Yesterday, my sister and I were out with our kids (4 total) at Target and probably had been there a little too long, it was near mealtime, yadda yadda. The kids were getting antsy. I was getting after them now and then for running ahead, touching things, etc. but they were not behaving too badly. Then, all the sudden, CRASH! Something fell onto the ground and broke in the bathroom accessories aisle. I looked over and saw the very very sad face of Elly Lyn standing there in the bits of broken painted resin. She had tried to get down off the shelf a goofy looking frog toothbrush holder and i think it was heavier than she anticipated. Nevermind that our rule is looking but no touching at the store.

I took Elly aside (trying not to be angry but obviously annoyed) and explained that now we had to buy it. It was $10. Did she have that much? No. Oh then that meant mommy had to buy it. And that seemed like a lot of money to me. I marched her up to the long long lines of the check out and waited. Once we got up to the front, the man checking us out said, "Why is one of those little froggies not sitting on the log like the rest of them?" I said, "Because she broke it. We are buying it because she broke it."

The man said, "Well, I think this is a turning point for you." I sort of rolled my eyes mentally at this comment but as we were walking out the door and it took us a while to get our coats on and such, I was thinking. He was right. This was not just a life lesson I could teach Elly about how to not touch things in stores, but it was a chance for me to point her back to Christ. After all, I was once a girl standing in a mess I had made, waiting for someone to come get me out of the debt I created.

As we walked to the car, I said, "Girls, what just happened back there reminds me of the Gospel. We all sin, we all touch things we shouldn't and we make a big mess. But God comes in and pays our debt for us, just like we bought this toothbrush holder, God buys us with a price." Eden said, "Jesus." "Yep. So now I think we should take this home and fix it. And every time we look at it we can remember that we used to be broken and messed up and we used to owe for what we did. But God came in and paid for us with Jesus and now we are new and fixed!"

All the way home she kept saying, "Mom, I said I was sorry, right? I am really, really really sorry." Then when we got home she was extra helpful and extra polite and I finally said to her, "Elly, you can't get any more forgiven that you already are. I forgave you and it's over and done with." Whoa- that was for me I think, hearing it come out of my own mouth shocked me. How many time do I try to earn that gift that He has already given me? It was almost insulting to me to watch her try to earn what I had already given her. How much moreso to my Heavenly Father? Oh how I struggle and try to be perfect, good, holy.

God really spoke to me in that moment, laying open my heart and allowing me to see myself and my parenting in a new way. Sometimes it is hard to not just concentrate on the here and now of parenting, the embarrassment I felt that my child needed discipline in the middle of a crowded store. Sometime I get caught up in the correction and forget that I am discipling her, to be more like Christ...she is my child, entrusted to me...I need to be more concerned with her heart. Her little soft heart that God gave her, and now trusts me to shape and mold. Help me Lord as I take on this immense task by your Grace.

Pics- probably could use some captions :)

Elly and her tea party

The girls sleeping in Grammy and Papa's bed during Thanksgiving break

Papa, Dan and the kids going on an "expedition" in his field. They usually come back with deer bones :(

Wrestling after puttng up the Christmas tree.

Esias on our trip to see Buffalo- unfortunately there were only two where there used to be many!

My baby boy all stretched out...I remember one of the first times I put him down for a nap in this crib, I stood up and looked at him sleeping like this and got overwhelmed by how he has changed us. And now, I am overwhelmed by how he's grown! My my! He is almost ready for a big boy bed.

Eden and Elly playing a game Brynn and I invented in our youth called "Donkey Haul" - we put the fun in to our chores!

My two littles like to snuggle.

Esias LOVES scotcharoos!!

13 December 2010

It's SO COLD!!!!

This post isn't even about the cold, but I can't stop whining about it. I should have gotten my errands done before it became so frigid, but alas, with a middle name like Procrastination that just isn't gonna happen.

The kids are trying hard to find things to do inside to keep them occupied. They played in the snow Saturday for a while, which ended up in a big mud mess and the lid to the sandbox frozen to the ground (instead of on the sand box). Eden kept running inside yelling, "I have frostbite!" like it was a disease that would kill her instantly if she didn't take off her wet mittens immediately. She's always up for drama.

Yesterday they crafted with wooden popsicle sticks. They love doing wooden stick crafts, though I am not sure they really make anything. Gluing is just therapeutic. The whole time they were working in the wooden crafts, Elly was asking questions about how women can get mustaches if they want them. Seriously, how am I suppose to answer that?

We have the kids' Christmas shopping done (for the most part) though nothing is wrapped or under the tree. With daycare kids here, I hesitate to put anything out too early! Did you know that two two year olds who are perfectly behaved when by themselves get into heaps of trouble when they are together? I didn't know that either. But NOW I do :)

06 December 2010


Apparently it is the lame-duck session of blogging right now. I can't seem to get my normal stuff done let alone record things here! Sorry!

We have had things going on! The art show was great this weekend, I sold two windows and several packs of notecards. I am getting a new "load" of windows this week and I am hoping I can keep my momentum and do some more therapeutic painting. It's food for my soul.

As far as the kids go, we've been busy with Christmas stuff and getting the decorations up and such. The girls were growly that day we put the tree up so I had to constantly remind myself to be patient and kind to them as we decorate and celebrate our Savior. Snapping at them just didn't quite seem appropriate :) Yesterday we had our weekly Sunday night family time --AFV, Home Makeover, eating in the living room (random food like grilled cheese, canned soup, and frozen pizza, and root beer-- or root "beard" if you're Elly).

We're almost done Christmas shopping. We have one more big thing to get for Eden (a typewriter-- she wants one soooo bad and we found a used one on Craigslist), and some smaller stuff for Elly. Esias is set, we are regifting some of his own toys and just replacing the batteries! Merry Christmas little dude, we got you some size Cs.

On the drool front :) we started the medicine again to help control his drool but it again is making him W_I_L_D. But it works magnificently. I can't figure out which is worse-- dealing with the soaked shirts, bibs, furniture, hands, etc. or the wild baby who takes 2 hours to fall asleep at night. Not sure. The decreased drool does make his eating go much much better, so I have a feeling we either need to tweak the dosage or just deal with his mood swings. He's two, we can just blame it on that!