I’m not sure I have seen such delight on Rebekah’s face as when I asked her if she wanted to help me make ice cream sandwiches.  We had just baked chocolate chip cookies and needed a good dessert for our guests that night.  So, I bought some vanilla ice cream and planned ice cream sandwiches.  Rebekah was soooooo tickled that the cookies were the “bread!”  She couldn’t wait to tell our guests how we had made them and they were “sandwiches!”   I do love my girl and her infectious enthusiasm!

*You can use whatever kind of ice cream you like!

Bake your cookies and grab some ice cream.

Make sure you have an eager helper who's good as stuffing them!

It's that easy- just fill them, being careful not to break the soft cookies. Then, wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze them!

Cheese & Artichoke Soup

This is a great soup recipe and nice for going meatless.

Cheese & Artichoke Soup

  • 1/4 c butter
  • 1c chopped onions
  • 1c sliced carrots
  • 1c diced celery
  • 1/4 c flour
  • 1 1 /2T cornstarch {corn flour in the UK}
  • 1/8t baking soda {to prevent curdling}
  • 4c chicken broth
  • 4c milk
  • 2c grated cheese of your choosing {we used Red Leicester, hence the color of my soup}
  • 1t black pepper
  • 2 14-ounce cans artichoke hearts, drained and quartered
  • salt to taste
  • {great with crusty bread…just sayin’…}

Melt butter in a stock pot and saute onions, carrots, and celery.

Combine flour, cornstarch, and baking soda, and add to vegetables.

Add chicken broth and mix well.

Add milk and stir until mixture boils and thickens.  Reduce heat and add cheese and pepper.  Stir until melted, then add artichokes.  Taste for salt.

Our 10th Anniversary!

Yea- it’s our 10th anniversary TODAY!  When did we get old enough to be married ten years?!?!  {and a 3rd baby on the way?}  Yet here we are, and we have loved every minute of it!  In fact, I met with an engaged girl not too long ago, and she said, “Wow, you make it all sound so fun!”  What a compliment to my husband, no?  I told her that when you marry a man who loves the Lord the way Josh does and walks with him in integrity, it’s hard not to still be in awe 10 years later.  That’s not to say we haven’t had our ups and downs, but all in all, what a fabulous decade!

{side note- yesterday, Rebekah told us out of the blue- “I’m really glad you guys got married.  I really like you both!”  Josh told her he was, too, because we wouldn’t have her if we hadn’t.  She thought that was pretty cool.}

My mom was kind enough to scan in some pictures for me so I could have them- here they are!  {Yes, we were very young.  Josh was almost 25, and I was 21…and had a tan…sigh.}

p.s. I was very disappointed with our wedding photographer- this was the ONLY picture of just Josh and me…at our own wedding!!  And Josh is not even looking at the camera!  I got over it quickly, though, because at the end of the day, I married my best friend and the crush of my life.

Brilliant Brunch Recipes!

Brilliant Brunch Recipes

My mom makes an awesome coffee cake, egg casserole, and poppyseed cake- the former two we enjoy every Christmas morning!  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to throw in some chocolate chip scones and have a few college ladies over for brunch!

You need these recipes:

  • Coffee Cake
  • {aka omelette}- note, I poured my mixture into greased muffin tins and loved the result of individual “quiches”!  I also added sauteed mushrooms.
  • Poppyseed Cake
  • Scones


Pieces of poppyseed cake & coffee cake

Egg casserole

Banchory BBQ & “Hike”

On Saturday, we had the privilege of visiting our friends in Banchory {about 40 minutes inland} and having a BBQ and then an hour’s {kid-friendly} hike around the area.  Our kids love the 3 kids there, plus most of our really good friends were able to come, too!  It was a great way to spend an afternoon and evening, and it was anticipated by everyone all week!  Here are a few shots of the hike. {Surprisingly, the kids walked on their own most of the time!}

Menu Plan Monday

I did finally make the Cheese & Artichoke Soup- I have the recipe scheduled for Friday, so be sure to check back!  I am also posting some good breakfast/brunch recipes tomorrow or Wednesday!

This Week’s Menu

I’m linking up to Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday !

14 1/2 Week Bump!

A random time line I know, but here is my sweet little one making his/her budding presence known to the world!

I’ll be honest- I’m tall enough that you do have to look for it…

But it’s there!

Pouting: Rebekah-Style

Rebekah is a true delight and a joy to have as a daughter. I have frequently wished I could have seen a glimpse of this girl who would melt my heart with her sweetness, her tenderness, her kindness, her thoughtfulness, and her generosity when she was a tiny infant who confounded me! I never imagined her blossoming into such a fun, caring, easy to love child. Usually, she rolls with the punches and doesn’t get too upset about things. I did say usually, didn’t I? There are certain things that will always frustrate Rebekah, and one of them is not looking the way she wants to. I know, it’s crazy. The day we went to the castle, Rebekah fell and dirtied up the knee on her skinny jeans. This was not okay. She was very, very put off by the whole thing, and in all honesty, I think she still blames the log she was scaling at the time. One of the main reasons she was upset was because all the pictures would show her muddy knee. I promised her I could crop it out, but she really needed a good pout, I guess.

The good thing about Rebekah is that she can leave her snit behind her.  It usually takes just a few  moments and she emerges as her happy little self {even if she does walk funny to hide her knee}.


I am so excited- I get to go to a mummy blogger conference in LONDON this June! It’s called and is a day-long get-together for other mommy bloggers like me- except that they’re mummy bloggers because it’s in the UK. Since I don’t have a lot of UK connections, this is a real treat for me.


I get to go because , a fabulous mummy spa in London, is sponsoring me! I am thrilled to represent Cupcake because my experience at Cupcake last summer was awesome! It was a luxurious massage and I loved the whole ambience. Unlike many kid-friendly places, Cupcake is not cheesy and done in primary colours- rather, it is elegant and lush. Just for fun, here are a few pics from my post last summer !

Us with Kyle & Karen- Karen is the genius behind Cupcake!

Sit down for a cuppa!

There's lots to choose from!

Who wouldn't love dining on fine china?

In a lovely and relaxing environment...

Evidently I am not alone in my enjoyment of these things.

Maybe because there's a fabulous creche...

Or a sleep chair...

Or ornate decor...

And another fun play area...


So, apparently I have an amazing zoom lens I had forgotten about.  Fortunately, Josh remembered and brought it, taking it upon himself to snap 285 shots to prove to me why this particular lens is worth toting.  I was thrilled with the clarity and not having to be right on top of something to get it.  Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures.  {Remember, I edited down from 285.}

And by Castle Fraser, yes, I do mean my family on the grounds…not any pictures of the actual castle.  Sorry.